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Forest Road 42 (FR42)
Bartlett Lake, a north from Phoenix AZ, 22 miles east of Carefree.

Forest Road 42 (FR42) is a nice sandy trail next to Bartlett Lake. It offers lot's of sand, mogals, hills to climb and water to play in. A stock 4x4 vehicle can make it through (high clearance), but might need a little help in a couple of spots. Of course point and gun it works sometimes too (we don't recomend this method due to trail damage).

Note: This trail intersects with many other trails in the area making it easy to get lost or on the wrong path. It is best to have a trail map, GPS or experienced guide on this trail. If not, make sure your lights work as you might be still finding your way out after dark.

Rating - 3.0+

Run Date's
September 19, 2004 - Wet Day on the Trail
March 10, 2002 - FR42
December 09, 2001 - FR42

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