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This trail is very close to Sedona, AZ. Take Morgan Rd. east off Highway 179. It will eventually become the trail.

If your been to Sedona and been on a Pink Jeep tour, you've been on this trail. The views are out of this world, literally if you believe the local folk lore. Slick rock areas are prominent throughout this trail making for a fun drive.

Not a hard trail, you should be able to take in a fairly unmodified off-road vehicle. The hardest part of the trail is the "staircase", but because of how the trail is setup you are only allowed to go down and not up making it much easier. Due to the high number of vehicles that frequent this trail there are certain routes setup you are supposed to take. Most of the trail is one way, so be careful which road you take or you could be in a tight spot facing pink Jeep with people looking at you funny.

Rating - 2.5

Run Date's
May 31, 2003 - Escape from the valley heat?

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