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Blue Zuk to Buggy Buildup

I had purchased this blue hardtop with every intention of JUST daily driving it. It had wheeled plenty with Craig, but had somehow stayed very clean. The AC worked great, all the seals were tight and it drove VERY well. After swapping out the Swampers for some MTR's, it was a perfect little driver.. but then.. Moab happened.

I didn't get Suzi done in time for Moab.. so I ended up loading the blue one up on the trailer and heading North. I managed to roll her completely over on Gold Bar Rim.. and decided we may as well make a wheeler outa her.

Of course where it went from there was even crazier. I ended up ripping the entire Zuk apart and building a buggy using many of the parts from the blue Zuk. The following is the progression from Zuk to buggy. Nothing like a Samuri buggy to take up your weekends for a long, long, long time.

May 23, 2004 - Buggy Buildup Page 2
February 04, 2004 - Rob's Buggy Buildup
July 08, 2003 - Building the new roll cage
June 16, 2003 - Removing the tin-top
September 09, 2002 - New Blue Zuk

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