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Rob's Buggy Buildup - Buggy Buildup Page 2 : 2004-05-23

The buildup got so long it made it to page 2!

05-23-2004 - Not too bad actually. My friend Mark came over today and helped work out another fender.. came out much better.. and it's welded in place already. Gotta pick up more sheet metal tomorrow to build the other side. I also built the winch mount today.. finished up the limiting strap mounts.. welded in the roof panels.. and built dash pieces.

05-25-2004 - Soo.. got the gauge cluster in tonight (time consuming).. and got the gps/gsm antenna mount on (big deal).. picked up my lexan for the windshield.. Philthy brough over another 10' sheet of 18 gauge to make the other fender.. other than that.. not much happened today. ADash and new fender and crap in here also.

05-26-2004 - After it's all together and running.. I have a Swift GT short block that I'll run down to H&H and have machined.. throw some forged pistons into it.. and have them port the hell outa a 8 valve head. I've found a few pretty good deals on brand new in box Garrett T25's.. sooo.. I'll build a blow through turbo setup with a Volkswagen Weber IDF setup.. just a little welding on the stock manifold for the baseplate.. build a header.. bend some intake piping.. mount a intercooler (yeah, I'm building in room for that).

05-28-2004 - Soo.. got the hood mounted.. radiator in.. more sheet metal work done (cowl area is done) and a bunch of misc. things worked out today.. not as much as I had hoped for out of a day off, but had to do some work crap too.. soooo.. whatever. I just picked up a Swift DOHC head+exhaust manifold+intake manifold+efi rail+injectors+throttle body from a yard here in town.. $75..

05-31-2004 - Soo.. got all the fab finished up.. Mark came over and made my other fender.. got all the little tabs and missed welds taken care of.. then stripped the whole thing. Got it back down on jack stands and went over it with the wire wheel, hammer-chissel and acetone. Got it all primered (12 cans), and all the sheet metal painted.. I'll mask it all off tomorrow and finish up the tube painting. Not too much longer now!

06-21-2004 - Redid the exhaust this weekend.. it's fawking sweet now. Fixed a water leak behind the water pump.. fixed a ton of brake problems.. and lost some paint to brake fluid Got the running lights and brake lights wired up.. reverse lights are done.. just working out a few issues with the water temp gauge and fuel gauge.. then high beams..

Started looking at the wall yesterday too.. shouldn't be too hard to knock down and frame out. Hopefully buying a garage door tomorrow or the next day.. soon as I can figure out where the hell you purchase such a thing.

07-05-2004 - Welp, its out of the garage.. finishing the framing of the wall right now. Felt great driving it around the hood... but still got wiring to finish.. got lazy this last week. Pulling it outa the driveway got some wires tangled around the intermediate shaft.. that was good for a few laughs. Overall, pretty happy. Got a brake leak on the drivers front caliper to take care of as well.. shouldn't be a big deal. Definitely need to charge the front shocks.. forgot to do that.. I'll have to make a list of little shit I need to work out.

07-06-2004 - Welp, hate to dissapoint.. but didn't drive it through the wall.. sorry kids. Hopefully the next thread will be me showing it off on the rocks.

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