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Rob's Buggy Buildup - Rob's Buggy Buildup : 2004-02-04

Blah, blah. Rob's got another last minute buildup for Moab. It wouldn't be spring without it! Update - It's not spring anymore!

02-04-04 - Just got back into town last night.. I leave again tomorrow morning to hang out in Toledo for the rest of the week. I'll be in Minneapolis the week after that.. and somewhere in Oregon the week after that. Everyone at my job knows I'm trying to stay home.. but I'm still getting fucked. Actually pretty irritated.

Bought a bunch of new stuff that will need to be shipped. Thank Troy for his grinding skills and getting the tires switched, and painted. Also got some gussets in from PoisonSpyderCustoms and some tabs from a few other places.

I'll be ordering my FOX nitrogen shocks this Friday I think.. and was thinking about getting some of their regular ole emulsion shocks to match in the front.

02-08-04 - Soo.. got some stuff done yesterday.. but not a ton. Had a bunch of buddies over doing other stuff as well and it got pretty crazy. But Bill came over and forced me to work on my junk.. and we got the seats mounted.. as well as the fuel tank in and the steering column/pedal assembly in place. Should get more junk done today I hope.

02-12-04 - Steering box is mounted and steering shaft is built. Transfercase bucket is 95% done and should have the mounts for it done tonight. Floor tubing has started.. firewall bar is done.. hopefully drivers side tube (easier) should be done tonight as well.

02-19-04 - alright.. still no shocks. PIG said my fronts showed up yesterday.. but I told him to hold them till my rears show.. no sense in double shipping crap to me. But I did manage to pick up my links for the rear suspension.. hehe, bling bling! 2" octagonal solid aluminum.

02-20-04 - Put my 6.4:1's in today.. picked up all my brake parts (metric to AN fittings and all -3 braided stainless lines) and grabbed a nitrogen tank for the FOX's. Also swung by and picked up a few misc parts I was getting plasma cut.. should make some good headway this weekend.

02-22-04 - Got some more worked out today including the gas tank filler neck assembly, 4-link, some sheet metal work and my buddy Jeff polished my links...holy crap. So, gone all week for work again... hopefully have it sitting on it's own tires/suspension next weekend... wish me luck

03-15-04 - Had to cut out the gas tank to move it up a few inches.. got more sheet metal work done, including the trans tunnel. Shocks came in.. but haven't decided how they are going to be mounted yet. Got standard Fox emulsions to match the rear nitrogen shocks.. 16's in the back, 14's up front. T-case bucket/mount is done and in. Driveshafts are in. Rear brake lines are run.. even built little tubes to keep them outa the rocks

04-26-04 - Heh, It keeps creeping closer and closer to done.. Bill came over last week and we eyeballed a buncha stuff and decided to pull the bling bling 20 gallon fuel cell out of my other buggy and drop it in the new one.. mostly because the sending unit is the same size (mostly) and the fuel cell is the same depth (mostly).. so it worked out pretty good. All the shock mounts are built and in.. the 'x' behind the seats is done.. actually.. besides whatever I end up doing with the dash... tube work is totally done.

04-27-04 - Charged all the shocks yesterday.. starting to 'finish' weld everything now.

05-18-04 - Hopefully most of the remaining fab work will be done in the next day or 2. Need to build my winch mount.. and radiator mounts.. finish the dash.. and put on a few tabs for a lexan windshield just in case.. tab for the cb antenna.. and a plate-tab for my dual band gps/gsm antenna... should be ready for paint by the weekend.

05-21-04 - So.. got the front hoop on.. and I'm happy with it. But not happy with the rear fenders yet.. gonna have to cut this one off AGAIN.. and keep jerkin around with it.. I suck at sheet metal... dammit!

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