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Wrangler Buildup - V8 Engine Donor Vehicle : 2004-02-02

We have the donor vehicle! Troy's neighbor had a 5.0 Mustang convertible just parked behind her house for over a year. She asked Troy if she knew anyone that wanted it, I said sure! How could I turn down a $400 Mustang.

Amazingly enough, after charging the battery for an hour or two, it actually started right up. That's a tough car. It ran very rough for a while, but the smell was wonderful. This poor car has been through a lot in it's long life. The top actually worked, but the driver’s door didn't. The passenger window works, but the drivers side doesn't. It runs, but the cooling system leaks fluid like your mother. Oh, and the coolant is such a dark color of brown, that we swore it was mud.

I had brought the trailer to take it home, but in typical AMS fashion Rob volunteered to drive it back to my place. Who am I to turn him down. Nick and I drove behind him, in the cloud of smoke left by the tires. In the 12 miles from Troy’s to my place, we only had to stop twice for water. Check out the steam.

Now all I have to do it take the Bill-o-Sale to the DMV and explain why the woman I bought it off of didn't have the title in her name and try to get it transfered to me. Judge Judy here I come!

Edit 09-16-04: No Title, no "real" owner, no transfer. So there it sits in my driveway waiting for the engine to be pulled. Once it cools down we should be able to get-to-it.

Dirty, but the top works Not quite sure what the orange stuff is Run hot much? Hey, it's still in the 'Normal' range
Uh oh Steam cleaning with mud You want me to open that!? That's a nice color for the coolant
Ouch, ouch, ouch... That's custom Doesn't look that bad in the light Listen kids, don't drink and drive
Some modification were made on the passenger side Who the heck at Ford thought it would be good idea to primer with yellow? What not to do when you lose your trunk keys Bet that hold's the water well
The inside looks better than you might think it should (as long as you like the smell of cat pee) Stolen much? So much for the lining

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