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Rob's Buggy Buildup - Building the new roll cage : 2003-07-08

Finally got going on building the new cage for the blue Zuk. I looked around at cage pics for days trying to decide how I wanted to build this one and settled on something close to how it actually turned out (weird). I liked Troys plexiglass windshield so I worked that into mine as well.. although my lower bar fits VERY tight to the dash and won't be as troublesome as his. As soon as I pick up some more tube I'll finish the door bars, the 'behind the seat' bar, and start on the rear. More pix to come.

I cruised out to Daves last night and bent up the front and rear tube. Today I'm going to pull the whole thing out.. finish welding a few spots that will be easier when I turn it upside down.. wire wheel off the surface rust (damn monsoon season) and paint it. Should be welded back in tonight..

Snapped a few more pics of the Zuk this morning and updated some pics I've been taking over the weeks. I mounted the battery up under the dash on the trans tunnel and got most of the Zuk painted. I finished up the hood latch.. so no more super-custom ratchet strap hood hold down for me! I also welded some tabs to the corners for the hood rubber stops to hit. Maybe I just got lucky.. but it works great.. no hood rattle or vibration at all. Headed up to the Cinders this weekend.. we'll see how she does.

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