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Wrangler Buildup - New Tires and Leafs : 2003-04-04

With the Jeep high enough now, it was time for new tires. Goodyear MTR 35 inch tires to be exact. Rob and I took off to the Goodyear dealership not too far from his house where Scott works. I have to say, great dealer, friendly to off-roaders, great service and I was in a out in no time. When we first showed up, I was going to go with 33ís. Unfortunately they only had two in stock. Rob and I were to lazy to go to another dealer to pick up two more so we tried out the 35ís. They are BIG with a capital Oh My. After a little convincing I decided to go with them with the understanding that I had some sheet metal to take off when we got back.

During the ride back the tires did self-clearance themselves, loudly, some but I still took off about half of the remaining fenders. Bill of course told me to just take them all off, but hey, this is my junk and I like the fenders. Keeps the mud off and stuff.

After all this the rear end was still sagging. The springs were a bit ďtiredĒ and were in negative arch while sitting at a stand still on level ground. Luckily, Nickís Sami was sitting too high so we decided to switch spring and at the same time put an add-a-leaf in mine. Nickís turned out perfect; mine on the other hand sat like a 70ís muscle car all high in the back. I told people it went faster this way as Iím always going downhill, but no one believed me. One more night of putting add-a-leafs in the front and itís sitting level again. If not 2 inches taller.

Iím sure to get some settling which Iíll document here, but all in all it turned out damn fine in the end. If you can stuff those 35ís in, go for it. You wonít regret it.

04/09/03 Ė Edit
Got the rear locker in last night as well. While we were in there we replaced the crush sleeve due to alot of play in the pinon. Thanks Keith for all of your help. Click, click, click. Moab here I come.

Side view with the new tires Almost as tall as the Bronco now Just another shot Trimming necessary to fit the tires in there
Less bumper than when I started Still a little tight even after triming Add-a-leaf(s) make a big difference Cheap-o Lock Right installed for now
Looks like the crush sleave is a little too crushed Rear carrier all ready to put back in

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