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Rockstomper Beadlocks - Rockstomper DIY Beadlocks : 2003-02-10

I ordered up some Rockstomper beadlocks for my junk for several reasons. The main reason being that I didn't feel like paying for a whole new set of wheels with the black rockcrawlers sitting under Suzi 100% unused. The UPS guy and me are on a first-name basis now, and when he saw this brick of steel rings sitting on the shelf of his truck (after cringing at the weight) he knew they were mine. I won't lie.. they are heavy as all hell.. especially since I ordered the mud-ring version.

Installation was super easy. Instructions weren't needed (good thing too, I didn't get any). Plop the inner ring (the smaller one in my case) up against the outer lip of your rim (after grinding).. fit it up as close to centered as you can.. tack it on.. weld the piss out of it. I'm pretty certain my welds are airtight.. but I'm going to run a bead of silicone around the inner part of the rim where the lock mates up to it just to be sure. Can't wait to get em mounted up..

Update (02-14-03) 2 of them are fully mounted and ready to go (see pic 8&9). Man.. 32 bolts is alot to tighten down.. over and over and over. I ended up making about 10 circles around the tire to get em to not leak @ 30psi. Also put them on a scale.. 125# a pop. Wow :)

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