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Wrangler Buildup - Spring over complete, still needs more work done : 2003-01-07

Itís home! Oh boy. Where to start... I guess Iíll follow the order of the pictures. As you can see, itís quite a bit taller than it used to be. Funny how those 31inch tires can look so small. You can actually see where the tires ďusedĒ to hit. There is still some trimming in those fenders future for the 35ís.

Wow, I bought big shocks. In order to fit the front shock hoops, Dave had to cut substantial chunks out of the fenders. Part of the height of the shocks is that Dave cut off the old mounts on the axle (they hung down below the axle) and attached them to the top. This removed the last dangling part on the axle, giving it a very clean underside. My only concern now is if I got long enough brake lines.

The steering is the only area I think will need some more work in the future. The bar that Dave built is nice for shear strength. But as you can see in picture 11, it rubs slightly on the spring. I would like to build something like Rob did on the Suzuki that goes over the springs instead of under. It would also be nice to have aluminum bars that are more forgiving to a new off-roader such as myself.

The coolest new part has to be the rear shock mounts. Dave cut a couple of holes in the floor board and welded a bar to the roll cage. Not only does it look cool (Iíll paint it later), but Iíll be able to adjust the rear shocks from inside the cab. The extra cage support is another plus because as everyone knows itís not if you will roll, itís when.

I still have quite a bit to do before sheís ready for even a test off-road run. The rear driveshaft, track bar, and front locking mechanism will have to be first. Rob, whereís that welder! The driveshaft is so angled now that we had to trailer it to my place. While driving it through the neighborhood I thought for sure something was going to break back there. It was loud and obnoxious! I would also like to move the bump stops down a little. Iím afraid with the springs so close to flat Iíll get negative. That would be an expensive way to wheel.

A much higher and happier Jeep The front shock perches needed some modifications to fit Much longer shocks and brake lines
Shocks mounted on top of the axle instead of under
A z-link stearing, good for bump stear and crappy stearing Where the z-link rubs the spring, needs work to say the least Rear shocks coming in to the cab with fab'ed mount
Connection to the original roll bar A shifter boot here will close the hole in the floor board
Shock mount on the front top of the axle instead of underneath Note that the slip yoke driveshaft is pulled almost all the way out, a SYE will be needed before it can even drive Longer brake line
Damage occurs even in the shop

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