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Wrangler Buildup - Springs over, junk removed : 2002-12-08

It's taken awhile to start this project, but it is finally underway. Basicly, we are using the stock YJ leaf springs and just ploping them on top of the axles instead of under them. This will give me more articulation and greater clearance. No more wheels hanging in the air, well ok, not as much hanging in the air.

So I finally remembered to actually bring my camera this time. Progress so far is that the front and back has the springs on top of the axles though the perches are not welded yet. One thing I didnít foresee is the number of other parts impacted by lifting the Jeep this high. As you can see, it will sit up about 4 or 5 inches higher than before. Better clearance, more work for my wife to get in. Time to get handles.

Donít forget to note the new U-bolts (Dunbar Spring). The old ones were getting bad enough that we were sure if we could get them back on. The last shot is of the sway and front track bars. Yep, scrap metal when we are done, as they will not be going back on. Lotís more scrap to come after Dave cleans up (read: cutís off) the old perches and shock mounts. Oh, sorry about the mess under there Dave. Iíll have to give it a good undercarriage cleaning once itís road worthy again.

If you look closely at the rear drivers side drum brake you can read ďMade in CanadaĒ. So much for American made cars.

Iím sure Dave will progress further next time I stop by. Iíll have another update then. Hopefully Iíll be able to show off the new Rancho 9012ís I picked up.

As I'm not going into great detail, here a couple of other sites if your thinking of doing this yourself.
Spring Over Axle for Wrangler YJ
CJ Spring Over Axle
YJ Spring Over Axle with Old Man Emu Springs

Front spring flipped over with new u-bolts Notice that there aren't any welds yet Axle under the spring waiting to be mounted Rear spring still under the axle
It makes the tires look sooooo tiny Extra parts. Track bar and sway bar that aren't going back on

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