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Flat-fendering a Samurai - Flat-fendering a Samurai : 2001-12-16

I had planned on simply rewiring some lights on Suzi today, but ended up playing around with the carb and timing. On a test drive around the block, I wandered passed Bill and Nicks houses. They were both laying underneath Nicks Jeep, playing around with exhaust. We started talking and decided that it would be a super sweet idea to go run Raw Deal or something.. well, those plans fell through because what finally ended up happening took so long.

I cruised over to Bills to play around with Suzi a little bit.. you know.. grinders.. power tools.. fun stuff! I have wanted to flat-fender Suzi since before I even bought her.. so out came the tape to mark off how it would look, and Bill wanders along and says 'hell yeah'.. and gets the sawzall. The fenders came off fairly easily (It looked like it anyways, thanks a ton Bill) and the final result is bad ass. She's going to look so damn sweet with a slightly stretched wheelbase, sprung over, and on some bigger tires!! Check this action out..

The drivers side was a bit easier than the passenger side because of the air cleaner assembly, and the battery tray on the passenger side.. but we still managed to get it taken care of.

Bill had to do some serious work to remake the battery tray, and the air cleaner assembly is held in by a tab welded to what's left of my fender. I've got some serious wiring work ahead of me in the next few days, and some final sanding and stuff to do on the fenders. I've still gotta sweet talk Bill into doing a little more welding on some of the areas that we were just too burnt out to finish up tonight (I think some tequila and cigars should persuade him).. but overall, it looks seriously bad ass. Thanks a ton Bill.

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