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Troy's Rockers - Troy's Rockers : 2002-02-01

Once upon a time, I bought a Samurai, the sheet metal was straight and clean, the axles turned smooth and true and the interior was nice, though it smelled of fish. Anyway, I drove it for a little while, treating it gentle and well, as should be done with these delicate creatures, then one day, after beating the rocker back down enough with a hammer to allow my girlfriend to close the door, I decided something should be done.

With angle grinder in one hand and fresh cutting wheels in the other, I tore into what was once pristine Japanese rocker panel, like a rabid badger into the prom queen. After cutting most of the rocker panels out from both sides, I pulled out a tape measure, measured once, cut twice and then ground the fucker to fit.

And when the smoke cleared and the hammer quit ringing and the flux quit flowing, I had taken a piece of 3 X 3 X about 44" angle iron and welded it into the place that was once my rockers. The angle iron was inverted so it pointed into the truck, effectively narrowing and lifting the tub (in that part.) It's not as strong as Rob's version, but I also hardly ever hit it, and if I do, who cares?

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