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Upper Woodpecker - Night Wheeling on the Pecker : 2005-07-25

So Billy got talked into buying a 4x4 because “everyone else is(n’t) doing it”. After several trips to Queen Valley, don’t ask, Billy is the proud owner of a Toyota. Of course that means we had to take a trip to try it out.

Rob jumped in with Billy and I (Mark) drove my junk out after work one night when it looked like a semi clear night. Like all trips to FJ, it’s a long way out there, especially for running only one trail.

Billy did great but we determined that he really needs lower gears. He also managed to put a couple more dents in the sheet metal and take out one of his turn signals. Luckily, who cares about the metal and the light just popped back in.

My junk did fine except when I stalled it once and it wouldn’t start. Darn starter acting up again, time to replace it finally. The only other incident was on the road back out when I heard a thud and then banging. My first thought was “oh, God. Another drive shaft blown up.” After taking a look, it seems that when we welded on the ladder bar, running the welder on an extension cord is a bad idea. The welds just fatigued right off. Needless to say, after the welding job that Rob did this time, that won’t happen again. The diff fluid was actually boiling while he was welding it. I took about five steps back when he told me that.

We never got rained on, except a couple of drops, but the lightning show was pretty sweet. After this run Rob got the bug again and is now working on building another vehicle…like he hasn’t been through enough “building” throughout the past several years.

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