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Woodys Wash - Woodys Wash (out) : 2005-02-27

The first thing I would like to say is, who invited the noob? Oh, wait, that was me. Woodys Wash is a really nice long run through desert washes, interupted at the begining by a not to awful looking buy nasty (for the noob) obstacle. While three of the vehicles didn't have any problems at all, you can probably tell who did. Yep, Mark managed to flop his junk on the side for the first time. The amazing part was the very little damage done. I guess there has to be one Troy on every AMS trip.

While turning around to try and help, Chris managed to find the one position that his truck wouldn't run in. After beating the crap out of it for about 10 minutes he finally got it to run long enough to put it in a position to really give it some fuel. Boy were the flames coming out of the carb cool!

PS: I'll give a dollar to the first person that tells me 1) what the hell that thing that Jeff is standing on is and 2) why it's out in the middle of nowhere.

Who: Chris, Jeff, Mark and Rob

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