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Axle Alley - A Wet Axle Alley : 2005-02-27

After running though Woodys Wash, the three non busted up vehicles wanted to take on Axle Alley. Everyone knew that it was wet and that would make the waterfalls that much harder, but we had no idea how hard until we hit the first one. Chris tried several times to get over, but just couldn't get the traction he needed to bump it up. After just getting pissed about it and dumping steering fluid all over the engine (see the smoke) he finally wenched up. After that it was bump up, strap and go.

The rest of the trail was surprising easy compared to that first obstacle. Even the last waterfall, which is normally very long and hard (like me) had filled in with a lot of dirt making it possible without any assistance from the wench.

Who: Chris, Jeff and Rob.

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