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Landslide - Landslide : 2004-05-29

During the summer in AZ you take all of the cooler weekend days you can get. According to the weather man, this might be the last one we would get for awhile. So Dave, Ronnie, Scott and Chris (who is still testing out the new buggy) decided to take on Landslide near the White Tank Mountains. Nick, Rob and I (Mark) decided to walk along on the trail to how bad this trail really was. Then again, if any of the three of us had a vehicle that was done, we would have been right there beating our junk up too.

Starting out a little later than expected (8am), we got right on the trail and dug in. During the day we figured out why it's called landslide. Dave who was first ran a totally different trail than Ronnie at the end. As each vehicle when through an obstacle, rocks moved and sometimes fell in or out changing the difficulty for each person. It was a riot looking at a different line on the same obstacle. Landslide isn't one of those trails with big waterfalls or drop-offs, but it's still a very technical trail over many large boulders and does have its share of climbing. At about a mile long, every time you get past an obstacle you are confronted with yet another even more difficult section to navigate.

The last time the group came here, it was a massacre. Everyone broke eventually. Not this time. Except for a minor problem here or there, like a dead/misbehaving battery and "extra" gas, everyone kept moving and nothing broke to ruin our day and we were off the trail by noon. It was a great time for everyone, even when (ok especially when) Dave was trying to find the best way up or over a problem.

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