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I should have started this web page long ago.. it'd have much more content. 4-wheeling is sort of a recent hobby of mine compared to street racing. I've broken more late model Mustang parts than I can count. I have a serious obsession with Fox-body Mustangs (79-93). My current Mustang is a 1992 Coupe that I purchased to serve as my daily driver. It only survived that duty for about 3 months before some hooker pulled out in front of me and we did a little sheet metal exchange (long story, her fault). I took her to Lee's Custom and Collision in Mesa, AZ after pulling everything (yeah, seriously.. everything) out of her. I had Lee strip her down to bare metal, get me a fiberglass hood and new moldings and paint her Ford Reef Blue.

At the time, I also had a 1998 SVT Contour that I still regret getting rid of. That car was fantastic, but I traded it in (wasn't even drunk.. damn) on my 1999 Toyota Tacoma. At the time I had a serious desire to get a 4x4 and didn't put much thought into what my best approach would be. The trails I had run with friends weren't anything beyond Crown King and The Coke Ovens so the Tacoma seemed capable enough. After realizing that the harder the trails got, the more fun they were.. I knew the IFS had to go. I managed to acquire a drivers-side drop Dana44 out of a 1980 Wagoneer and had plans of getting the solid axle conversion underway when the truck was stolen from my girlfriends house.

I had learned tons about 4-wheeling while driving my Tacoma and knew I would take a much better approach this time around. We all laughed at Troy when he got his Samurai, but for some reason it kept growing on me. It was something about the whole money to fun ratio.. I had to have one. I found Suzi on Ebay and placed the winning bid ($1175.02) and Melissa and I were off to California to pick up my Samurai. We left the day after Thanksgiving and on the way home stopped in Glamis for the first time. Ever since, I keep telling people that she's the best money I've ever spent.. she really is.


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