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Abusive Motor Sports - Mark's Page

So, who the heck is this character with the stock Jeep. I've been asking myself that ever since I first started hanging out with the off-road experts (ok, better then me) at AMS. Rob took one look at my Jeep and said something along the lines of "when you going to make a real off-road vehicle out of that”. Judging by the truck he was driving at the time, I believed he knew his stuff (of course I've since learned that he REALLY knows his stuff).

I first bought the Jeep with the intentions of using it as an every day vehicle. What else would you do with the Islander edition Wrangler? It’s been great for the last 3 years here in Phoenix. Nothing like driving around in the middle of winter with no top, wind in your hair, on the way to work (ugh). But I’ve always had the desire to “upgrade” this ton of love into something I could take out and beat on.

I’ll be documenting here the progress of this transformation from pretty, square headlight (it’s still a real Jeep), street Jeep into the (typical) AMS damage magnet.

Finally progress on the conversion to a "real" off-road vehicle.
- Springover
- Rear Locker
- Warn Hubs (the stock locking mechanism just won't cut it)
- Tires

I wanted to document the damage I’ve incurred in the Jeep while running with the AMS crew. Here’s the list so far:
Rim took a beating on FR42. Note to self: If you must "power" up a rutted problem, watch for big holes. Thanks to Keith for pounding it back into shape for me with a mini sledge hammer.
When bending my rim on FR42 I managed to mini-taco my leaf spring. Luckly the local 4x4 shop had an extra that Rob helped me replace this one with. I was still able to drive for a week with the spring like this though. Not bad.
Coming down the luge bypass on Martinez my rear driveshaft disintegrated taking out my rear yoke and leaving me to “slide” into Nick’s new Zuk. Not to worry, no damage to the front bumper and very little to Nick’s rear bumper.
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